A dental implant is manmade replacement in place of the natural teeth which enables a person to have fixed teeth. Dental implants are different from transplants taken from others. What category of dental transplant is suitable for a patient depends on the individual need and condition of the teeth. An x-ray is required to check the number of bones remaining; space available in the mouth .The dentist does a examination before finalizing which type of implant should be done.

Dental implant is a advance procedure hence it takes time of say 4-9 months or even more depending upon the individual case. The dentist does provide temporary teeth during this period and the patient is never without teeth.

There is a little discomfort at the time of the procedure but patient sedation and anesthesia are used to reduce the discomfort. Most of the patients experience pain for 2-3 days after the implant/surgery. Dentists also give medicines to reduce the pain and avoid any type of discomfort.